Ultraseal International ramps up production to meet call for ventilators


Casting impregnation specialist increases staffing levels as it helps to address government calls for ventilation equipment during COVID-19 crisis

To help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, Ultraseal International is now working around the clock in a bid to meet the demand for ventilators from the NHS and other healthcare systems around the world.

The casting impregnation specialist is already a key supplier in ventilator manufacturing, providing intricate masking and powder coating on cast aluminium components used in mechanical ventilators.

To increase production, Ultraseal International has taken on 25 additional staff in its Slough factory and its production schedule has moved to a three-shift, 24/7 cycle, up from its normal two-shift, five-day cycle.

Gareth Ridge, operations manager at Ultraseal International’s Slough service centre, said “The decision to ramp up our production came after the UK Government’s call out to the manufacturing industry and we are delighted to be able to help with the response.

“These are challenging times for everyone, none more so than the fantastic staff at the NHS and we want to do our bit to help.

“Fingers crossed, with more ventilators we can save more lives and get through this as soon as we can.”

The aluminium components which Ultraseal International processes for mechanical ventilators include the housing for the screen and keyboard, along with the panels, doors and covers.

The parts are powder coated to allow them to be sterilised for use in a healthcare environment and to provide a highly-durable, cosmetic finish.

The Slough facility usually produces 110 component sets per week, which will now be increased to 520 sets per week.

“The production process is labour intensive, as the high-quality, medical-standard coating finish requires substantial masking before powder coating,” said Ridge.

“Along with taking on extra staff to avoid bottlenecks, we’re also using an additional unit next to our factory”

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