Tekscan equipment helping podiatrists at Cumbria Partnership


FOOT specialists in west Cumbria are using new equipment to diagnose complex problems. The innovative F-Scan gait analysis system from Tekscan evaluates a patient's condition by measuring their foot pressure, enabling the podiatry team to recommend the best treatment plan.

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Over the past few weeks, it has helped identify what modular footwear and insole would be appropriate to support a diabetic patient. Zoe Larmour, a podiatrist at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The computerised gait analysis assesses a patient's condition in the actual environment that causes the particular problem. We can actually see what is happening while they walk and give them the best treatment for their condition based on this data. It has already proved to be very successful in improving the care of diabetic and other high-risk patients, helping us to resolve more of these problems in the community rather than sending them further afield for treatment.