North Bristol trials Fujifilm's home reporting solution


Web-based platform creates a true extension of the hospital reporting environment

North Bristol Trust (NBT) recently completed a successful trial of Fujifilm’s home reporting solution. The Trust is exploring options to enable their radiologists to be more flexible in how, where and when they work, especially for the purpose of clearing reporting backlogs and for on-call and weekend emergency reporting.

The Fujifilm home reporting solution will deliver benefits to radiologists as they won’t have to travel to hospital to provide a clinical diagnosis, to patients who will benefit from faster treatment, to on-call junior doctors who can receive quick second opinions from remote radiologists, and to the Trust which will benefit from reduced travel claims costs.

Fujifilm home reporting solution creates a true extension of the hospital reporting environment. The Synapse web-based platform enables radiologists to replicate their reporting environment at home, providing access to the full set of image manipulation tools and keeping all the same settings.

The unique Fujifilm compression technology allows the solution to function over restricted bandwidths and networks. It provides fully functional access to PACS and RIS, voice recognition for reporting, desktop integration between PACS and RIS, support for RIS- or PACS-driven reporting workflow, and access to advanced visualisation tools in Synapse 3D. Users are presented with the same graphical interface as in the hospital and Synapse also includes features that can speed up access over slower links.

Fujifilm provides a full range of hardware with the package, including a high specification laptop workstation with a 6MP or 10MP diagnostic display, a docking station, a speech microphone, wireless mouse and keyboard. All components have been tested and verified for their compatibility with Synapse.

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'This will be very good for on call work as it saves driving in, and is also helpful for quiet reporting and avoiding interruptions,' said Dr Marcus Bradley, lead Consultant Neuroradiologist at North Bristol NHS Trust, who took part in the trial. 'The desktop integration between RIS and PACS is very useful, and the large 6MP diagnostic display is very good and an appropriate sized set up for home environments.'