Norfolk hospital\'s bid to introduce energy-saving solar panels


James Paget University Hospital submits planning application for 1,444 panels across the hospital site

The James Paget University Hospital board has submitted a planning application to Great Yarmouth Borough Council for the installation of around 1,500 solar panels in a bid to keep electricity bills down and cut carbon.

Managers are seeking permission for 1,444 solar panels which would be mounted on frames around the hospital grounds.

They would be in rows spaced 6m apart to minimise the effect of shadows.

It is understood the scheme would be funded centrally by the Department of Health, which has a £50m national scheme to help energy efficiency projects in the NHS.

The panels would be 2.2m in height and would be sited at the northern boundary of the hospital grounds, the western boundary and in the south west corner.

The energy generated by the proposed panels equates to 308 tonnes of carbon saved per year, the application states.

It adds: “The proposal will therefore contribute significantly towards the regional targets for renewable energy generation.”

The planning application is currently out for consultation. A decision is expected to be made by the borough council’s planning committee by Friday, April 11.

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