New pharmacy robot at UHL


Asteral installs new Vmax technology to enhance pharmacy services at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Asteral has installed a state-of-the-art ARX UK Vmax robotic pharmacy at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

The Vmax has been provided through the University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust’s 18-year Asteral Select contract, which supports the trusts’ clinical teams in radiology, cardiology and pharmacy.

The new robotic pharmacy installation means that the trust will benefit from technology enhancements that include a user-friendly touchscreen and barcode system, which will ensure instant access to stock levels, space availability, and expiring stock information, as well as the ability to collect eight packets at once, which is a substantial increase over the old robot.

The barcodes allow users to view the expiry date, batch and lot numbers for the most-accurate stock management. The self-cleaning equipment is also quieter and is 50% more space efficient at storing packets, opening up further storage space for the trust.

Paul Couchman, pharmacy service manager at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “The ability to update and refresh our automated dispensing system through the Asteral Select contract has enabled us to install and utilise the latest technology in order to continue to meet the dispensing demands of the hospital.

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“The solution delivered has made best use of available space within the department while giving increased performance and improved medicines storage. The relocation of the automated dispensing cabinets has also improved both the dispensing workflow and quality of the dispensary environment.”

New pharmacy robot at UHL