New hinge help mental health facilities reduce ligature risk


Shrouded Full Mortice Hinge from Intastop keeps patients and staff safe

One area of concern for mental health facilities can be pinch points, not only from risk of injury, but from an increased risk of ligature.

To address this, Intastop has launched the Shrouded Full Mortice Hinge.

Designed primarily for use on en-suite doors, it is a single-swing hinge that works by two full-length, paired and interlocking gears which generates high strength and a low operating force, delivering easy opening.

It also benefits from a choice of anti-ligature cap, either a domed version or slanted tip to assist in further reducing ligature risks.

“Facilities managers have many factors to consider when maintaining fixtures within a mental healthcare setting, and doors are one area which rely on many elements to keep optimum operation while helping to protect staff and patients,” said marketing manager, Lisa Turner.

“This is where our level of expertise and understanding of the mental health facility sector comes into its own.

“Full mortice hinges are quite popular now, but, by ensuring they are as ligature proof as possible, we have offered another dimension for en-suite door solutions which is quite often a challenging area.”

The Shrouded Full Mortice Hinge allows users to benefit from increased security, safety, reduction in finger entrapment, and privacy.

Other typical problems with doors such as alignment issues and stress distribution are also alleviated through the innovative design.

Turner said: “The Intastop continuous hinge has proved to reduce maintenance, allowing heavy doors to be safely fitted as weight is distributed across the entirety of the hinge, preventing buckling, which can result in doors dropping and damaging the floor.

“This new design to the Full Mortice hinge range offers all this and has the added advantage of helping to reduce ligature points.”

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