Latest ComfortFloor systems sets new standards in surface decoration


Sika launches new array of structures and patterns

Sika has launched ComfortFloor Marble FX, which facilitates the creation of an array of structures and patterns to elevate flooring specification.

The PU coating system’s fine marble-like design is achieved through a newly-developed colouring method of the base material - Sikafloor-3000 FX, resulting in a surface that meets the highest standards of comfort and resistance.

Simon Clark, product manager for flooring at Sika, said: “Sika ComfortFloor Marble FX is further evidence of our success in creating PU coating solutions which look as good as they perform.

“In the development process, we ensured the system met the strictest emission requirements of various green labels. This will help protect the flooring’s installers and the building’s future occupants in terms of ecology, health and safety.”

Integral to its appearance is the elegant, matt look provided by its top coat, Sikafloor-306 W. This, not only provides the surface with an attractive finish, but its seamless attributes make for an easy and comprehensive clean.

Sikafloor-306 W is the result of the latest sealer development and is another extension of the Sika ComfortFloor range. Its elastic properties allow it to withstand point loads, while good UV and yellowing resistance are additional benefits.

With 72 standard colours available in its ComfortFloor range, there is a spectrum of shades to suit whichever visual effect is required for a particular environment.

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Clark said: “Sikafloor-3000 FX further increases the opportunity for organisations to install surfaces which enhance their brand and their building’s character, as well as create a comfortable, clean and safe environment for staff and other users.