LED emergency lighting brochure published


Luxonic Lighting makes it easier to specify lighting solutions

Luxonic Lighting has released a new brochure on its range of LED emergency lighting.

The full-colour, 12-page brochure covers the full Luxonic product range of surface and ceiling-mounted emergency luminaires and exit signs, all with LEDs.

Luxonic’s addressable EM-TEST LED emergency lighting test system is explained in detail, and there is essential information on current documentation and regulations relating to emergency lighting design.

Fast, panic-free evacuation is essential in a building emergency, and an easily identifiable and well-illuminated exit route can be the difference between life and death. Good-quality emergency lighting in buildings is paramount, and through its LED-based lighting solutions, Luxonic makes it significantly easier for building consultants and facilities managers to comply with UK legislation.

Luxonic’s range of emergency luminaire solutions uses the latest in lighting technology. LED-EM is a non-maintained LED emergency luminaire with remote gear, which is suitable for either corridor or open area illumination.

Sleek, unobtrusive and modern, these white LED luminaires produce uniform light and have well directed distribution. Luxonic produces the highest quality in design and manufacturing, and consequently the LED-EM is a high standard, extremely-efficient system with a three-hour duration and a long luminaire lifetime.

Luxonic’s EM-TEST system can be used to control the LED-EM luminaires with self-test and DALI addressable versions are also available.

SINZ is Luxonic’s range of LED exit signs. Supplied either as maintained or non-maintained luminaires, these three-hour duration exit signs can be wall mounted, recessed or suspended. It is essential that exit signs be sufficiently lit for clarity even at maximum viewing distances, and through market demand Luxonic has developed its SINZ range to be viewable at 30 metres. This is in accordance with the application standard EN1838 and the luminaire construction standard EN60598-2-22. The SINZ range is also available as self-test or DALI addressable systems.

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Luxonic Lighting pioneers technologies in LED and interior lighting design, achieving optimum lighting quality with an emphasis on sustainability. The integration of high-quality LEDs with Luxonic manufacturing expertise results in products that are efficient, contemporary and reliable; ideal solutions to emergency lighting.