Introducing - Creative Healthcare Solutions 2016 from Impey Showers


Wetroom specialist launches new brochure

Impey has launched a comprehensive new healthcare brochure – Creative Healthcare Solutions 2016.

Supporting care market specifiers and installers, Impey’s new definitive reference guide offers sector professionals a highly-informative one-stop solution for easy navigation on specifying wetrooms, shower trays, shower seats, grab rails, and a vast range of showering solutions.

This latest resource supersedes Impey’s highly-regarded previous catalogue. It offers easy-to-follow and highly-illustrative step-by-step guides to assist occupational therapists (OTs), technical officers (TOs), and other healthcare-focused professionals and installers involved in specifying adaptations for those with showering mobility difficulties.

Liam Ryan, group sales director, said: “In designing this latest resource, Impey has utilised its experience and unrivalled range authority acquired over many years of working closely with contractors and installers, local authorities, and healthcare professionals to provide innovative high-quality wetroom solutions for all types of bathroom adaptation, improving the lives of thousands of people every year. The brand has also worked in consultation with the RNIB to develop some of its showering accessories.

Key considerations are included in an informative Wetroom Planning Guide, taking the specifier through the four major project components from type of flooring to drainage considerations, shower door options and, finally, showers and accessories such as seats and hand rails.

To support its healthcare customers in creating 100%-level access on concrete or wooden floors, Impey’s new brochure features the unique patented Impey product Level-Dec EasyFit wetroom floor former which has revolutionised wetroom installation.

Level-Dec EasyFit wetroom floor formers are the easiest way to create the gradient for efficient drainage in a wetroom floor. Designed for use with wooden or concrete floors, they are quick and easy to install, with the strength and rigidity to support up to 300k.

Colour-coded modular sections quickly click together to form a matrix that you simply fill with screed.

Level-Grade is a highly-customisable solution and bespoke options can be easily created to suit a wide range of sizes and applications.

Specifiers can also view the wide range of shower trays to suit all types of applications.

New for 2016, Impey showcases itsr ultra-slim shower tray - Mantis. At only 24mm in height, Mantis offers a much-called-for need from occupational therapists for an efficient, quick-to-install, low-level showering solution and has been designed with DIN 51097 Class ‘B’ rating on slip resistance.

Impey’s versatile 35mm Slimline showertray offers industry-leading flow rates of up to 38 litres per minute and can be fitted recessed into the floor or be fitted with compatible ramps for increased user access.

Enabling showering on an unbreachable floor, the brochure also showcases The Mendip and Radiate shower tray ranges.

Both Radiate and Mendip are supplied with dedicated waste fittings that sit within the height of the tray. A separate ramp, or step is also available to provide easier access.

Recently-launched Radiate delivers everything you’re looking for to solve all the problems associated with unbreachable floors. At 40mm high, and with optional ramps, ot offers easy access to those with limited mobility into the showering area.

The tray features a unique water-channelling tread pattern which has a reduced slip anti-shine surface. Classified to DIN 51097 class ‘B’ bare foot wet test on slip resistance, Radiate sets a new level of care and design.

Radiate has been specifically designed for situations when gravity drainage is not possible. The pumped waste fitting, concealed perfectly within the underside of the tray, ensures that any water draining to the gully is quickly and efficiently fed to the waste pump.

Impey cubicles can be quickly and easily installed with very little site preparation required. They are also the ideal solution for non-permanent adaptations.

To aid the specifier, the brochure outlines a four-step process to build a cubicle to your exact requirements:- choosing your cubicle; selecting your shower door; adding optional extras (roof panel, ceiling light/extractor fan and 3-sided cubicles can be specified with a half glazed side panel if required); and choosing your shower tray.

Each cubicle is purpose built to exact requirements with compact designs to accommodate a shower, hand rails and a shower seat, or larger sizes that contain a complete washroom, including a W/C and handbasin.

In the guide you can also view the full range of shower seats and handrails – including the new Slimfold seat – which has a thin profile, strong, easy to clean with its easy-to-use fold down mechanism, and the Maxi Grip and Maxi Grip Plus Handrails, a unique and innovative design which have been developed with the assistance of the RNIB.

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Other products featured in Impey’s Creative Healthcare Solutions 2016 include:-

  • Shower doors
  • Glass shower panels
  • Drainage options
  • Electric showers
  • Extractor fans
  • Automatic shower toilets
  • The Apres Body Dryer - a complete all-over body dryer