Impey sets new standards with revolutionary 24mm ultra slimline shower tray


Lowest-available tray on the market delivers much-called-for solution for occupational therapists

Impey has introduced the Mantis, a 24mm ultra slim shower tray - adding to its already-vast range of accessible showering solutions.

Supporting end users who have level access issues with their existing floors and are unable to install a wetroom floor former, Mantis, with a step height of only 24mm, is the lowest available tray on the market, delivering a much-called-for solution by occupational therapists in the options for low-level showering specification.

In addition to the ultra slim height of 24mm, Mantis has been designed with an easy-to-clean, slip-resistant satin tread pattern that qualifies to DIN 51097 Class 'B' on slip resistance. This provides an increased grip for users in wet, soapy conditions compared to more-traditional glossy shower trays. Mantis is available in seven sizes including two Bath replacement sizes, which can also be cut down to a minimum length of 1400mm with supplied end caps to ensure a perfect fit.

Mantis can be installed above or below ground to suit specific locations and is supplied with a tile upstand and compatible gravity drainage. To ease installation and utilise available space, under-tray pipework can be exited from any side of the tray. The ultra-slim height of only 24mm allows for direct use with a wheelchair without the need for ramps.

Mantis is available in the following sizes:

  • MTS100100 – Mantis 1000 x 1000
  • MTS12070 – Mantis 1200 x 700
  • MTS13070 – Mantis 1300 x 700
  • MTS14070 – Mantis 1400 x 700
  • MTS15070 – Mantis 1500 x 700
  • MTS17070 – Mantis BRT 1700 x 700
  • MTS17080 – Mantis BRT 1700 800

All products are created by Impey’s highly-skilled teams of designers, combining innovation and the highest-quality materials, all backed by the established and recognised Impey brand.

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Known for its innovation and leadership within the healthcare showering sector, most Impey products can be easily fitted by a single installer and the brand has a well-earned reputation due to its carefully-considered product design, which ensures minimal installation time.