HC-One deploys 500 Anoto digital pens to speed up enquiry form processing


Improving efficiency in administration and allowing more time to care

Anoto has announced that HC-One, the UK’s third-largest care provider, has deployed 500 Anoto digital pens and Anoto Live Forms solution to record new resident enquiries.

HC-One cares for more than 10,000 residents, employs 14,000 staff and receives up to 10,000 calls, ranging from new customer enquiries to calls from HC-One homes and offices. The first phase of the new technology allows HC-One to gain insight into the number of calls representing new enquiries and whether or not the customer information is appropriately recorded and reported back to a central location for follow up.

With the digital writing solution, HC-One is able to capture all new enquiries on newly-designed Anoto Live forms, which digitally transmit them to the enquiry management system, where they are followed up. The transition in the technology has ensured that new enquiries are followed up within 48 hours.

In 2014, HC-One plans to introduce a second wave of digital pens into its 225 care homes for additional form applications that will enable completion of essential records quickly and efficiently allowing care teams to spend more time caring for residents.

HC-One’s client care manager, Emily Boville, is delighted that HC-One is at the forefront of this technology. She said; “Working alongside Anoto, HC-One is heavily investing in technology that will not only enable us as an organisation to be more effective when dealing with enquiries, but also enable colleagues to spend more time delivering the kindest care to residents.”

Karen Harris, home manager at Amarna House Care Home in York, added: “The digital pen is a great time-saving device. We have already seen a significant improvement in the way in which we record and respond to enquiries.”

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Next year HC-One plans to introduce a mix of both technologies into its care homes with the consolidation of data into a single back-end system.