EMC unveils vendor neutral VNA solution


Offering combines strengths of EMC, Agfa and Cisco

EMC has announced the launch of its Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution.

Combining the strengths of EMC, Agfa and Cisco, VNA replaces the siloed approach to storing imaging data within the healthcare sector, providing caregivers with a 360˚ view of a patient’s health data.

The solution incorporates the Agfa IMPAX Data Center for the management of medical images and other healthcare data; and EMC Documentum XDS Registry and Content Repository for the management of clinical and non-clinical documents, enabling providers to manage medical images from a variety of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).

It benefits healthcare providers by reducing the costs associated with data migration between storage platforms and applications and providing better intelligence around the relationships between different data sets. Running on the Cisco Unified Computing System, it reduces the complexity around archive retention and compliance, allowing organisations to focus on extracting the maximum value from their data.

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Lalith Subramanian, vice president and general manager of information compliance at EMC, said: “The combination of Agfa’s domain expertise in medical imaging with EMC’s market-leading portfolio for IT infrastructure and information management provides a unique joint offering to deliver real patient benefit. Delivered at a lower cost point than traditional archiving solutions, VNA provides caregivers with a greater understanding of the data they hold, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making that can help to improve the quality of care available to patients.”