DESIGNA launches any-height car park payment kiosk


Pay EasyAccess pay station provides barrier-free payment

DESIGNA is launching another member of its ABACUS Blue Edition family for car park operators.

The Pay EasyAccess pay station provides barrier-free payment at any height.

Unreachable ticket slots, coin slots too high: wheelchair users are frequently confronted with these obstacles when they want to pay for their car parking ticket. They often have to ask other customers or service employees for help. In the worst case they even avoid the car park completely.

This is where the new, barrier-free Pay EasyAccess by DESIGNA comes in. It provides unlimited, freely accessible payment for all users at a height of between 90cm and 130cm, and can also be easily operated from the side.

Furthermore, the four display language options, country-specific coin-handling, and the ability to dispense banknotes provide barrier-free operating convenience.

Pay EasyAccess provides solutions that are extremely important, not just with regard to demographic change. The subject of inclusion in society is becoming increasingly important, and does not stop at the car park. Barrier-free automatic pay stations are gaining in importance worldwide, and are becoming the standard in an increasing number of countries.

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