Crystal clear colonoscopy at Northwick Park


DLP laser projector installed at hospital's training complex

Medical practicitioners at Northwick Park, part of the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, are benefitting from the installation of a new laser projector that has improved the clarity of training materials.

Panasonic distributor, Video South Medical Television, has installed its first high-brightness, 6,500 lumen 1-chip DLP laser projector, in the hospital’s Himsworth Hall training complex.

Alistair Holdoway, managing director of Video South Medical Television, said: “The influential St Mark’s, a specialist tertiary hospital unit within Northwick Park, uses the hall for an annual meeting called Frontiers, at which they showcase their latest developments.

“They are the UK’s top centre for colorectal procedures and well known for their research and training. This year, we have installed a complete fibre network transmitting from three endoscopy rooms and two operating theatres in full HD with two-way audio. The audience was 160 specialist consultants, who were able to see in greater clarity than ever before what was happening in the theatre.”

Panasonic product marketing specialist, Tom Gibson, added: “The PT-RZ670 compliments the company’s existing line-up of SOLID SHINE projectors, and features 20,000 hours of working life. Projectors that don’t have lamps or require filter changes offer significant benefits, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and maintenance requirement.”

“The shift to laser projection has come at a good time for the NHS,” added Holdoway.

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“There is a reduced budget for technical support staff, so the fact that it is cheaper to run and has no maintenance burden is a big plus.”