Bradford Royal Infirmary


The new £28 million hospital wing at Bradford Royal Infirmary was opened in June 2017 by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and features the Touchsafe Pro wireless Nurse Call system, designed, manufactured and supplied by Aid Call, a brand of Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare

Bradford Royal Infirmary

Aid Call have supported specialised installations at many NHS sites and in 2015 the company began designing a system for the large project including a 16-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), two children’s wards, a dementia-friendly elderly care ward and a retail concourse.

The Aid Call Touchsafe Pro Nurse Call system was the obvious choice for the new ICU because its wireless configuration meets the requirements of any project, no matter the size or scale, offering complete flexibility and mobility.

The system can facilitate individual patient requirements, adapt to change and be added to over time. It can also be installed quickly and specifically to each site, because there is no need to rely on cables and stationary wiring points.

Building Services Consultants DSSR drew up the specification for the new wing with support from the Aid Call and Bradford Teaching Hospitals Project Manager, Shane Embleton. A bespoke system to benefit the staff and patients needed to be designed and the specifications were adapted, as the requirements of the hospital altered.

Once the plans were in place, a tender was released and Aid Call quoted 24 contractors for the project before meeting with the winning contractor in April 2016.

Business Development Manager for Aid Call, Stuart Barclay, said: "The Aid Call team worked with many contractors and suppliers throughout the phased installation of our Touchsafe Pro system. We collaborated with third party Bedhead Trunking suppliers to make sure our products could be mounted to the Beadhead correctly with sufficient capacity remaining to fit the light relays.

"Bradford Teaching Hospitals also wanted to connect third party telecare products to our Touchsafe Pro system and although they would normally be plugged in to the bottom of the call points, we worked to make them speak wirelessly to one another from wherever the product was being used."

Aid Call also carried out training with the Bradford Royal Infirmary staff during a 3 week period prior to the opening and the company continues to provide support to the hospital on a monthly basis to meet the staff needs and management requirements.

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