Bolton NHS Foundation Trust protects clinical applications with Duo Security’s trusted access solution


Cloud-based two-factor authentication service protects against data breaches

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has rolled out Duo Security’s cloud-¬based two-¬factor authentication (2FA) solution to 1,000 of its employees.

The trust has replaced its previous authentication solution with Duo’s cloud-¬based offering to provide its remote workers with secure access to the network via a single click of a button on a mobile phone app.

Phil Howe, technical infrastructure manager at the trust, said: “We previously used a token¬-based 2FA provider, but were looking for solution that offered our users the flexibility and security they required when moving around the trust’s offices or working remotely. With Duo we’re able to protect the full desktop for directors and managers while also protecting the clinical applications our on-¬call doctors and radiologists require.”

Bolton began using Duo Security’s cloud-¬based solution in January following a straight-forward implementation and integration process. Users can easily set themselves up on the system ¬ reducing the overall demand for the IT team’s time and support and opt for their preferred method of authentication from a selection of Push notifications, SMS passcode, or phone callback.

“The protection of data is a key requirement within the trust and with Duo we’re able to protect the full desktop. The added benefit of being able to create custom policies depending on a user’s location or status also allows us to reduce our risk exposure,” said Howe.

“Our security needs are constantly evolving and we have a responsibility to make sure our network is secure; this extra layer of protection from unauthorised access is an excellent addition to our security suite.”

Henry Seddon, vice president for Duo Security, added: “We’re proud that Bolton has chosen Duo’s flexible and secure cloud-¬based two-¬factor authentication. Bolton is pro-actively seeking out security solutions that will protect its data and its clients.

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“With the recent agreement of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, it’s not only imperative that doctors and NHS employees have secure access to patient data, but also that the patients themselves are safe in the knowledge that their personal data is protected. Healthcare organisations, in particular, should be seeking security tools that protect them from data breaches before they ever happen.”