Bolton NHS Foundation Trust chooses AppSense


Healthcare organisation reduces log-on times from several minutes to 15 seconds

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has chosen AppSense as the user environment management solution for its new secure desktop infrastructure.

Using AppSense DesktopNow, Bolton NHS Foundation has successfully rolled out Windows 7 across thousands of desktops and has significantly cut log-on times from several minutes to 15 seconds.

The trust provides integrated patient care across over 20 clinics and healthcare centres - including the renowned Royal Bolton Hospital. It employs more than 4,000 people and has 600 beds across its facilities. Focused on providing quality care at high volumes, the trust treats over 100,000 emergency and accident patients as well as approximately 750,000 community attendances each year.

With an extraordinary scope of care and multi-faceted treatment options, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust needed a high-impact IT solution. The organisation’s 300 clinical-based applications yielded a highly-complex infrastructure that created several unique implementation challenges. These challenges were heightened with the need for confidentiality of patient information as well as the coordination across multiple facilities. Accordingly, The trust sought a virtual desktop solution capable of delivering these high-impact results.

This search is precisely what led the company to select AppSense. With an imminent Windows 7 migration and VDI implementation, The trust needed to execute its projects with minimal disruption to clinical staff. Ultimately, the project needed to allow IT staff to update and support a robust, mobile virtual desktop environment across more than 30 sites while protecting information security and patient safety.

With AppSense DesktopNow, The trust achieved its goals. Not only did it significantly decrease log-on times, it successfully migrated to Windows 7 across thousands of desktops and reduced patch failure and exposures to security vulnerabilities.

“AppSense allowed us to deliver a much-more-personalised experience to each user, while simplifying policy and application management,” said Rachel Dunscombe, chief information officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

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“Clinicians get the information they need faster, which reduces clinical risk. It helps us deliver better, faster support. We love it. And we know there’s much more we can do with AppSense.”