Asteral wins place on equipment maintenance framework


Asteral Protect multi-vendor maintenance service accepted onto NHS Shared Business Services Framework for Medical Equipment Maintenance

Asteral has been awarded a place on the newly-created NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework for Medical Equipment Maintenance.

The framework, which went live on 9 March 2013, offers NHS SBS members and associate members an additional route through which to procure medical equipment maintenance services from pre-approved and highly-qualified suppliers.

As an NHS SBS Framework provider, Asteral will offer Asteral Protect - a fully-managed multi-vendor maintenance service that provides flexible and high-quality support for a wide range of critical medical equipment.

Asteral has been awarded a place on a number of NHS frameworks for the provision of its managed maintenance service, including those drawn up by HealthTrust Europe, the London Procurement Programme and NHS Commercial Solutions.

For every framework place that Asteral has been awarded, it has had to go through a series of rigorous checks – with every aspect of service, experience and contract examined to ensure that the business can deliver the best possible value.

Christopher Langley, Asteral’s chief executive, said: “Appointment to the NHS SBS Framework reflects the growing popularity of maintenance services in the marketplace as trusts look towards additional means of procuring cost-effective solutions. Asteral is delighted to be able to provide its Protect solution to trusts looking for a fully-managed multi-vendor maintenance service. Through inclusion on this framework, Asteral looks forward to enabling trusts to achieve cost savings on their maintenance services – in line with both clinical and financial requirements.”

Peter Akid, managing director of NHS SBS Procurement, added: “Working closely with trusts, we intend to make sure we have the best possible suppliers and processes in place to provide an efficient and effective way of procuring their maintenance services. Having Asteral on board, together with other strategic framework partners, means we can offer these market-leading services to the trusts, enabling them to secure comparative quotes for the maintenance of their diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and EBME equipment. We are confident that the companies we have brought on board will help us achieve this.”

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