Airedale launches two new cooling products


Updated R410A Ultima Compact Chiller and Ultima Compact Condensing Unit Range now available

Cooling specialist, Airedale International Air Conditioning, has launched upgraded editions of its Ultima Compact Chiller and Condensing Ranges (30-150kW), optimised for use with R410A refrigerant.

Highly versatile, air cooled, and featuring DSH scroll compressors; the compact chiller and condensing unit range complements the existing R407C series, and delivers increased efficiency and performance.

As with their predecessors, the units are compact, with single or dual circuit variants, offering regular quiet and extra quiet sound variants.

Highly efficient, the next-generation edition can achieve an impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 3.6 and a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of up to 4.7 (Ultima Compact Chiller range).

The R410A range is ideal for a variety of environments, including data centres, retail, manufacturing and leisure, and is available in five case sizes.

The chiller range is offered with an extensive selection of full hydraulic pump options, and buffer tanks to reduce installation time, footprint, and operating costs.

Key features and benefits of the updated models include:


For increased efficiency and reliability, both ranges utilise next-generation DSH scroll compressor technology.

DSH compressors have low vibration levels and are focused on part-load energy efficiency, lowering applied costs, and complete robustness.

The Intermediate Discharge Valves (IDV) avoid over compression and extra effort by motors during part-load operation, reducing power consumption, increasing energy efficiency and SEER from 3% to 10%.

R410A refrigerant

Both the Ultima Compact Chiller and Condensing Unit range have been specifically developed for use with the refrigerant R410A.

With the higher heat transfer capabilities of R410A it is designed to increase system efficiencies and is less susceptible to efficiency losses due to pressure drop when compared with R407C.

Axial EC fans

Electronically-commutated axial fans give increased performance for reduced power input and are up to 80% more efficient than an AC fan at part-load.

Electronic Expansion Valves (EEVs) - chiller range only

EEVs are included on all Ultima Compact Chillers as standard.

EEVs ability to maintain control of the suction superheat at reduced head pressures provides significant energy savings. This can result in an EER increase of up to 30%.

Remote Electronic Expansion Valves (REEVs) – condensing unit range only

The Remote Electronic Expansion Valve (REEV) brings the efficiency and control of electronic expansion valves to a split system, providing stable and accurate control of the refrigeration systems superheat.

REEV enables Ultima Compact Condensing Units to be matched with any manufacturer’s new or existing air handling unit in a 1-1 circuit match, regardless of size.

Benefits of REEV include improved efficiency of up to 30%, versatility for a greater selection tolerance, remote intelligent configuration, providing ultra-stable system operation, and reduced cost of installation.

Commenting on the new, extended chiller and condensing unit range Callum Teahan, lead mechanical engineer for product development, said: “With the next-generation Ultima ranges, we have examined every single component to find ways of increasing performance, reliability and overall system efficiency.

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“The new products bring all of this advanced technology and know-how together in a compact, versatile platform.”